Maintenance and tips for our crown.

No truer words have been spoken, than “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change your life”, I know this to be true first hand with my many, many hair transformation! This post is dedicated to your unique crown, long, short, no hair, or rainbow hair; I will be sharing my very special tips.

We all have the desire to transform our looks time to time and the easiest thing to do is to find a pair of scissors or to go pick up a box colour from the shops.Once again, I know this because I’ve been that girl! But what are we  really doing to our hair, if you think about it, how much damage have you done to your hair ? For myself, I’ve always been a serial hair cuter and colourist !

By the time I was graduating my hair had been through countless shades of brown and black, and because I was a rooky hairdresser if you looked closely at my hair it was like looking at a patchy brown and black quilt. So naturally, the next step was to go blonde ! The perfect, stress free, easy and fast option for any deep brunette, right ? Once I finally achieved my dream of having blonde hair, my once healthy strong and split end free hair became frail, dry and lost all of it’s volume.

My goal for my hair was for it to look like qwen stafani’s so I knew I had to make some huge changes FAST, so here they are !


~10 tips for  vibrant hair when you have the passion for colouring and haircutting~

1 .Olaplex

When you bleach you’re hair, you strip away all your hairs natural oils subsequently destroying  whole protein structure of each strand; thus leaving your hair weak, brittle and frizzy. Olaplex is a special treatment developed by specialist doctors to rebuild the protein structure of your hair from inside each the individual strand. So, Next time you’re with your hair stylist ask about the olaplex, and for an at home treatment you can follow the link below to a fabulous one !

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2 . Protecting it from heat / for bleach blondes use minimal heat.

Give yourself a break from heat, every time you straighten or curl your hair you’re putting emence strain on your hair. So instead try cool drying your hair in rollers or lowering your heat setting on your dryer and straightener. Or why don’t you try ionised straightener ? which will leave your hair feeling bouncy and light.

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3 .Massage the scalp / oil the scalp.

After your hairs has been dyed/ bleached your scalp is stunned into thinking that its dry all the time, leading to major dandruff  as it cannot renew and properly slough off the old, dead and dirty cells. Argon oil will bring a huge needed moisture surge into you scalp. What I love to do is cover my head in olive or coconut oil  then rinse it out the next day – you’ll have silky hair in no time !

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4 .Hair treatments – banana mask.

Hair masks and treatments are essential to everyone’s hair, no mater the level of damage it’s just a fabulous thing to include in your hair care! If you’re looking for your perfect mask, you need to try a banana mask; it’s pack with antioxidants, vitamin c and b which helps nourish your follicle and promotes healthy hair growth.

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5 .Microfibre towels/ silk pillow.

A silk slip is antibacterial fabric that will let your hair and face breathe. This will help stop any breakouts of tangles from happening ! Microfibres towels work amazingly  with absorbing the moisture in your hair without damaging and drying your hair out  – perfect for when you hair is in such a fragile state, you can buy them as cheap as 2$ on eBay !

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6 .Argon oil shampoo – purple shampoo/ deep conditioning treatments.

Argon oil infused shampoo is the perfect treat for frizzy, damaged, dry hair. It’s oils help coat and strengthen your hair, I guarantee by the end of the week your hair will have had a full recovery ! Now to the miracle of purple shampoo, so how it works is that due to the fact that your hair has no colour in it, it absorbs the parts of the purple  therefor canceling out the brassy orange tones left by the bleach. Perfect in between toner, and I’ve added the link to my favourite purple shampoo for the blond babes out here!

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7 .Use a wide tooth comb and some oil if you’re brushing your hair.

Please if your hair has gone through harsh bleach don’t hysterically brush your hair, this will only result in breakages. Use a detangaler, this will help prime you hair.

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8 . For volume blow dry facing up, on a low heat and slow.

“Check your hairdryer settings – high heat and speed can lead to flat hair,” explains Roberto Tarla, Creative Director of Keune Australia and New Zealand. “Lower the temperature and speed to dial up the volume, and use your hands to lift the hair as it dries to encourage body and a whole lot of volume.”

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9 .Try a root lifter and change up your sides for extra oomph.

This will dramatically give you some instant dimension to your hair, perfect for a quick hair pick me up for a crazy busy day. Plus say good-bye to flat and greasy looking hair, and say hello to sexy, stunner in 1 second !

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10 .Dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is the perfect quick fix to any busy man or woman – it give body, texture and lift to dull hair. And the added bonus is that it will help dry you hair faster !

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For more tips and tricks about hair I can make a part 2 to hair care ~ happy transformations my loves x

~ These are my tips, I’m a qualified beauty therapist not a hairdresser – if you have dee concerns about your hair consult a hair stylist ~

~ This page does include affiliate links, meaning I do get a small percentage with NO extra cost for you – the products I chose I do still love and trust them ~


From an ancient pharaoh to todays queen – beauty secrets from the pioneers of glamour (starting with the cat eye!)

Today I’m divulging all the beauty secrets from the ancient egyptian queens and pharaohs who were the true pioneers of everything beauty, from having a fresh youthful glow to the most eye luring eye look! To look into just that here are some egyptians best known Queen and pharaohs favourite holy grail beauty products.

Just a quick history lesson

~ Alexander the great was highly skilled in handling diplomatic issues and was a military genius, recognised for how he spread Greek culture and language throughout Asia minor, Egypt and India (Hellenistic era) (M.fieds, 2016)

~ Cleopatra came to the throne as her father died, she later ruled with her two brothers. However Cleopatra loved the throne so much so she poisoned her brothers so that she could have the ultimate power. Yikes, Wouldn’t wont to catch her on a bad day! (BBC, 2014)

~ Queen Nifiti, was a pure vision of beauty, her husband was Pharaoh Akhenaten – they began a cult celebrating the sun god (Aten) and introduced to eyjept a radically different type of art work (HISTORY, 2010)

  1. Coffee facial scrubs or honey milk.

Egyptians prided themselves on being the vision of pure beauty – evidence of this is in their papyrus rolls marked in Georg Ebers and Edwin Smith Papyrus (see for yourself! – The scrolls shared countless beauty recipes, such as; how to prevent or reduce wrinkles, natural ways to darken hair, and how to preserve or give a healthy, youthful, daily glow to your skin. From which included the famous and beloved honey and milk face wash and the coffee scrub that we still use today! Previously mentioned, during this time goal was to have young, healthy and glowing skin as it showed superiority, so as popularity grew woman from different regions would create their owns renditions of cleansers (instead of it being a daily, they would save it for a special occasion). With every creation the two basic ingredients remained; milk, honey and coffee for the scrubs. The importance of them is that they are detoxing, antibacterial (great for acne or stubborn white/ black heads or pimples) and the gentle lactic acid in the milk soothes fine lines and wrinkles!

Modern twist ~

In 2018 there are thousands of face scrubs and cleansers to choose from, it’s easy to pick out a scrub or cleanser that looks pretty, smells heavenly or is a great deal but it is extremely important to truly evaluate your skin so you can pick the right cleanser and scrub that will properly treat your skin (for more information next weeks post is, do you really know you face?) with that said, my new favourite scrub is by Mario Badescu – Almond & honey face scrub! It’s been two months now and I’m head over heels in love with this scrub, my skin is far clearer, my skin doesn’t look as dull and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and inflamed. So when you open the scrub you’ll smell that beautiful honey and almond scent, firstly wet your face then with a penny sized amount gently massage in anup ward motion. Carefully avoid your eye area, as this is the thinnest, most sensitive part of your face. I recommend that you do at night, however it is a perfect wake up scrub!

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2.   Almond oil as an anti-ageing treatment

During this period essential oils were a beauty staple for all eygeptian royalty, as they provided daily nourishment to the skin giving an instant glow! Their attraction to achieve this look was purely a class thing – looking young and having glowing skin meant that you weren’t out in the field working, even when woman were scribed they were made to look younger. A fun fact is that men were drawn bigger and were mad to look older as a sign of superiority! A way to achieve this was to layer themselves or bath in oils; one that was religiously used was argon oil.

Modern twist ~

Today argan oil can be picked up at your local chemist or beauty store – and the best thing is, is that it’s wont cost you an arm and a leg! The benefits still reign through and are bountiful; they do help moisturise your skin, prevent wrinkles, softens fine lines and will give you an instant glow. Think of your skin as a brick wall, in order to have a perfect wall you need a strong structure and the key to that is the foundation (cement) – if the cement is too dry, it wont be pliable to put together or if there are cracks in the cement then they’ll be fraction in your whole wall. So the best thing to do for your skin is to build and to insure that you have a strong and healthy foundation, so firstly invest in a nourishing face oil, eye cream, face cream, always where a good sunscream and replenish your body with water daily- follow this and I guarantee your face will be beaming.

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 3 . Crocodile dung body wash/donkey milk.

Mmm yes so how does crocodile poo wash sound to you, or would you rather like the donkey milk bath? Well believe it or not back in the ancient period crocodile dang was quite a luxury and was 100% a true desired beauty cult product! This was because it was enriched with minerals and vitamins that would cleanse and exfoliate the skin –to make it more appealing they would infuse the faeces with oils and flowers to cover the scent .Now to the beautiful donkey milk bath, this milk was highly praised and loved by Cleopatra as she believed it would maintain her beautiful skin and youthful appearance, meanwhile Hippocrates (greek physician) recommended it for health and skin conditions.

Modern twist ~

They were surely onto something; donkey milk is enriched with omega 3, fatty acids, rich volume of phosolipids and protein! These aren’t just fancy words; these are the essential components to flawless, plump and youthful skin. As well as that donkey milk is perfect for conditions such as psoriasis and eczema – like all things, everything should be tested on your skin first as it is as unique as you!

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4. Coconut butter in their hair & sugaring.

So having the thickest, darkest hair was a sound of high status and deemed the most desirable for woman, however when it came to legs, arms or other regimes it had to be strictly hairless! To solve this the created and used sugar waxing to become hairless, it was the fastest, easiest and most effective method at that time. The royalties became accustomed to wearing wigs, as they were made from natural hair fibres they were to be nourished as if they were grown from their own scalps. So they were dyed with wild berries, charcoal and lathered in oils to naturally darken the hair as well as giving a shine!

Modern twist ~

Argon oil and other oils of that time are amazing, and I can never sing it praises enough but I believe banana is vastly becoming recognised as a miracle product for damaged hair care! Banana contains Vitamin A, B, E, zinc, amino acids that will strengthen you hair and give it some loving – great for damaged or coloured hair! Now when it comes to sugaring, the best brand on the market is really the tried, test, and the lovely veet natural sugaring!

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5. Eye shadow (saffron, kohl, or ground green malachite to outline their eyes)

The eyes are the true key to beauty and the eygeption queens mastered the technique for sure;

  1. Malachite, a copper ore, which provided the green eye makeup colour so greatly favoured at the time
  2. Kohl, used to draw thick, distinctive black lines, giving an almond shape to the eye
  3. Red ochre, which was used a lip colour

Modern twist ~

  1. Sweet peach eye palette – bless her heart.

Too Faced - Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection

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2. ColourPop- red satin.

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(photo by GLAMMERNA –

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3. Maybeline – noire pomade.

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So that’s all for today, hope you found out some interesting, new beauty secrets from our beauty queens and pharoahs! if you want to read more up on it there are some links below 🙂


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