Celebrating the Queen of May

The first transformation for May, I will doing my queen and idol ~ CHER!




Passion for fashion – all about body shapes and embracing your body!

Welcome Lovelies, if you have a passion for fashion but still don’t know what suits you; then this post is for you!

Your body is the true definition of uniqueness, a true one of a kind and as it is so rare it is your job to cherish it. Simple as that sounds it’s hard to stay in love with our body’s 24/7 when we’ve been so use to scrolling through instagram comparing ourselves 25/8! so I’m here to tell you to STOP IT, stop feeding your body with negative emotions and start feeding it love ~ start by reading this !

So let’s talk about your body, at the end of the day anyone can wear anything there just has to be some tweaks; personally, I’m 4’11 and with curves so to accentuate them I love wearing tight, high-waisted pants or a lined skirts to elongate my legs and to give a nice hour-glass look.

So don’t be shy go in front of a mirror and look at that gorgeous body,  really have a look at your beautiful body and figure out what would really suit you ? ~ also a tip never get angry with your body, it’s the clothes that your putting on, there has been many times in the past that I have picked out something wrong for my body shape and in seconds I’m in the dressing room diagnosing myself as a  fat. So there has never been a better time to treat your body kindly, and to start dressing to embrace it !


These are the 4 general body shapes, however with everything within these shapes there are ranges like levels; like you could have a slight rectangle shape or an extreme hour-glass like Marlyne Manroe.

Going deeper into body types we hear the terms ectormorph, endomorph and mesomorph; so what does it mean ?


simply put;

Ectomorph – Skinny, long libs, difficulty gaining weight and muscle, a fast and  efficient metabolism.

Just like Audrey Hepburn.

Endomorph – smooth/ round curves, gains muscle easily, and Small shoulders, high waist and large hips creating a pear-shaped physique

just like Ashley Greyham.

Mesomoph – naturally lean, muscular, losing weight and gaining muscle is easy!

Just like Madonna.


To make it an easy, I made a little grid, so keep reading to for the secrets!



  • Keep the clothing line straight to slightly fitted.
  • fabric soft = avoid unnecessary bulk around the bust, waist and tummy
  • Keep details above the bust line and below the hip line -you want to show these points off!
  • Keep your silhouette fitted under bust and as well below your arms and along your waist.


  • Wearing belts whether big or small
  • Sleeves which finish next to your bust
  • Skirt above knee length
  • Clothing that finishes at your fullest points e.g. jackets, cardigans




  • Jackets and tops need to finish either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom
  • Balance the top with your fuller bottom half. (Layering on your top half creates visual interest and draws the eye upwards. Wear volume, clutter, pattern, colour on your top half, so hips and thighs will seem narrower)
  • Wear fitted styles around your waist and always accentuate your waistline e.g. empire line, wraps, fitted lines.


  • Details, patterns, pockets on your thigh and hip area and belts on your hips
  • Flared or ruffled sleeve lines, straight skirts or pencil skirts
  • Bags that sit on your hips.
  • Ankle straps, kitten heels, delicate footwear, round toe shoes, ankle boots with straps around your calf area.



  • Keep your silhouette uncluttered
  • Unstructured jackets that gently shape the waist
  • Hip and bottom details are good – as long they create gentle curves
  • You want to create an illusion of a waist.


  • Details at the waist such as noticeable waistband; high-waisted trousers; belted jackets and coats at the front
  • Straight lines from top to toe e.g. straight jacket worn with straight trousers/with pin stripes/with a pencil skirt
  • Boxy jackets or coats as well double breasted coats and jackets; boxy pleats.

Hour glass


  • Wear a good supporting bra that will lift our bust and give you a more defined waist.
  • Bring attention to your shoulder and neckline.


  • Straight shapes that hide your waist
  • Fussy styles and details that create additional volume around your bust, tummy, thighs e.g. dropped sleeve lines, pleats, high-waisted styles, hip pockets
  • High necklines that cover up your cleavage and décolleté e.g. turtle neck.


So there you have it, now like always its your life and you’re the queen or king of it! Here are just some fashion tips, so go wild ❤

Have a beautiful day full of peace and happiness xx