The greatest love you’ll ever have

Months or even a year before creating what is now E I L I S H, I would spend hours looking through all of these stunning beauty blogs, constantly comparing my non existant blog at the time to theirs. Every comparison and self-criticism was like taking a shot of the Devils elixir.

It had to stop, and by the time New Years came along I knew I had to put my big girl pants on and finally start a blog – but most of all, stop bloody comparing !

Its been a full month now and I’ve never looked back ✨

And hunny, let me tell you sometimes it can be a struggle especially when our life IS social media 24/7 ~ but at the end of the day, no matter what the most important job in life is being ourselves and loving it !

So to anyone thinking about a new opportunity a job, blog, youtubing or just increasing their platform on Instagram but have been scared about what others may say or are comparing themselves to bigger stars – I say go for it, forget the negative and rise like a star !

To leave off, this  is one of my favourite verses of all time; and I think that we all deserve to say it to ourselves.


love to you all xx