B e a u t i f u l l, C o n f i d e n t, & F l a w l e s Y O U.

My love of makeup, hair and fashion all stemmed from the beloved Bratz dolls, from the first moment I saw the commercial in summer 2004 I was hooked on these new Barbie fashinestas! I loved how each girl had their own individual style, but more than that, they were wearing makeup; and it wasn’t the regular stock standard lipstick and lashes it was much, much more ! When I finally held my own Bratz doll Yazmine, I fell more in love, she was stylish and confident, and everything I wanted to be! From their style, body frame, hair and makeup were like no other, reaching the hearts of many, many girls that weren’t just in early primary! It was about time too, not that anything was or is wrong with the barbie doll but the Bratz doll was a more realistic envision of an actual girl – they had a more realistic body, wore stylish and up to date cloths, their hair and makeup were flawless, they were the envision of both beauty and confidence and so when these young girls or boys played with them, they themselves felt that beautiful and confident.

To feel that beauty and confidence at such a young age is such magical thing, personally it set a bench mark for me to really embody and grow with that inner beauty and confidence. Through the years there were bumps in the road, and you will feel that you can’t feel consistently confident or beautiful; and that’s okay!

This post is all about being embracing your own beautiful, confident, and flawless self, and will be done so in four parts; each part will be centred on how to nurture and to properly treat yourself, therefor igniting that powerful you !

  1. Do you really know your face – learning about you skin and what skin care fits( two parts).
  2. Feeling groovy and confident – all about being hygiene aware and some daily hacks to boost your self-confidence!
  3. Passion for fashion – all about body shapes and embracing your body!

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